Royer Pharmacy

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This website was designed, developed, and coded entirely by Eric Sherman, son of Don Sherman (President of Royer Pharmacy) and his wife, Donna Sherman. Eric is a 2009 graduate of Ephrata High School, a 2013 graduate of Swarthmore College, and is currently enrolled in the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania as a combined degree MD/PhD student. He learned all programming languages/standards used for creation of this website by independent research, trial and error, and by working as Webmaster for The Phoenix, the campus newspaper of Swarthmore College. Websites instrumental in helping him learn the required skills were Stack Exchange's Stack Overflow, Ryan Bates' Railscasts, and countless other websites, documentation files, and open-source bloggers.

This website was created on a Ruby-on-Rails framework and utilizes a secure MySQL 5.0 database to store data that is displayed across the website. This data includes prescription refill orders, email messages from Royer Pharmacy Staff, information about all 5 Royer Pharmacy locations, and much more. Maps and geocodes are generated with Google Maps API v3. Webpages are served to the public with Apache 2 and the Phusion Passenger module. Development occurred on a 15" MacBookPro with 4GB of RAM and a 2.5GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor running OSX 10.6 (Snow Leopard), serving pages locally through Mongrel. Code was stored in a git repository, and deployed to the production server via shell script. The production server is a Debian 6 Virtual Machine (running through VMware) with 1GB RAM and a 2.6GHz virtual processor. The physical machine hosting the (virtual) web-server and several other virtual machines integral to the functioning of Royer Pharmacy is located in the Downtown Ephrata store.

Click here to email Eric about the code used on this website, or about hiring him to do web development for your website. Eric is fully fluent in Ruby on Rails, Javascript (specifically the prototype library), HTML, and CSS. Additionally, he is proficient in MySQL, shell scripting, and PHP.


Eric began his medical training at the Perelman School of Medicine in August, 2015